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Badhai Advertisement in Newspaper

Imagine a sunny morning, your loved one sipping chai, casually flipping through the newspaper. Suddenly, their eyes widened with surprise and joy - there was a birthday wish in the newspaper with their name in bold! This is the magic of Badhai advertising in newspapers.

It's like a shout of joy from the city's rooftops, yet wrapped in the elegance of print, sharing your happiness not just with your dear one but with the entire city.

This isn't just an ad; it's a heartwarming message, a public declaration of your love, affection, and respect. Whether it's wedding anniversary ads, an award, or a retirement, a Badhai ad in the newspaper adds a royal touch to these special moments.

Choose to celebrate with Dainik Bhaskar's Badhai ads. It's more than just marking an occasion; it's about creating a cherished memory, a lasting tribute to your loved ones.

Let your joy be known, let your love be seen, with every special moment becoming a headline in itself.

Types of Badhai Ads in Newspapers

Dainik Bhaskar's Badhai ads offer a unique platform to celebrate various milestones and special moments. Each type of Badhai ad serves a distinct purpose, allowing you to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Benefits of Booking Badhai Ads through BhaskarAd.com

you choose BhaskarAd.com for your Badhai ads, you're not just booking an ad; you're crafting a heartwarming message that reaches millions. Here's why it's a great choice

Massive Audience Reach

With Dainik Bhaskar, you're talking to Urban India's #1 newspaper group. Imagine your message reaching over 6.63 crore readers across 61 editions. That's like whispering into the ears of a city.

Customizable Messages

Whether it's a sweet birthday wish in a newspaper or a golden wedding anniversary ad, BhaskarAd.com lets you craft your ad your way. It's like painting your feelings on a canvas that the whole city sees.

Click, Type, Send - It's Booked

Forget the hassle of old-school ad booking. With BhaskarAd.com, it's as easy as posting a selfie. With a few clicks and voilà, your ad is ready to touch hearts.


Who said grand gestures need to burn a hole in your pocket? BhaskarAd.com offers options that are as friendly to your wallet as they are effective.

Expert Help at Your Fingertips

Stuck with your ad? No worries. The expert team at BhaskarAd.com are like your friendly neighborhood ad gurus, guiding you at every step.

Easy & Convenient Payment Options

And when you're ready to roll, paying for your ad is a breeze. Whether you're a net banking guru, a card swiper, or an online wallet wizard, BhaskarAd.com has got you covered. It's like shopping online for happiness.

Easy Steps to Book Your Badhai Advertisement
Online for Newspapers

A Badhai Ad online on BhaskarAd.com is as simple and intuitive as sharing a post on social media. Here's how you can book Badhai ads in newspapers in a few easy steps

  • step 1
    Select the Badhai Category
    Choose 'Badhai' and your preferred subcategory.
  • step 2
    Choose the Editions
    Choose the edition that best fits your region for targeted reach.
  • step 3
    Pick the Ad Type
    Decide on the type of ad you want to place.
  • step 4
    Create Your Ad
    Select the templates and customize it by uploading photos, names, messages, and contact information.
  • step 5
    Select Publication Dates
    Select the publication date to ensure your ad appears in the newspaper on your desired day.
  • step 6
    Make Your Payment
    Complete your booking by making your payment via Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, or other online payment options.

Badhai Ad Samples

Appointment Sample Ad
Size: 3.25h X 5h CM
Appointment Sample Ad
Size: 3.25h X 5h CM
Appointment Sample Ad
Size: 3.25h X 5h CM
Appointment Sample Ad
Size: 3.25h X 5h CM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! BhaskarAd.com lets you tailor your Badhai ad to your heart's content. Choose your layout font sizes and can even choose Hindi or English language to make your ad stand out.
BhaskarAd stands out with its user-friendly interface, a wide range of customizable, colorful templates, and the ability to reach a vast audience through Dainik Bhaskar's extensive network.
Indeed, there is. BhaskarAd offers specialized templates for wedding wishes designed to add that extra sparkle to your congratulatory messages.
BhaskarAd.com doesn't offer a rush service, but for urgent ad needs, contact our team at 9772019222 or mail us at support.bhaskarad@dbcorp.in We're here to help get your ad out as soon as possible.
To ensure your ad appears in the next day's newspaper, book it by the cut-off time the day before. This ensures timely processing and placement.