Cancellation Policy

  1. DB Corp reserves the exclusive right to cancel any Ad booked by the subscriber. The cancellation charges payable by the Subscriber shall be at the rate of 2% (excluding taxes as applicable) which is the transaction discount rate charged by the payment gateway provider.

  2. DB Corp may cancel booked Ad under following conditions:-

    1. Objectionable content found in the Ad:
    2. Submission of wrong/inappropriate KYC document;
    3. Any other reason in exercising the exclusive right of DB Corp as mentioned above.

  3. Before cancellation of any Ad, DB Corp will make reasonable efforts by coordinating with the Subscriber so that compliance is made in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of DB Corp.

  4. Due to reasons beyond control with DB Corp, publication of Ad may get missed in Newspaper. In such circumstances, 100% of amount will be refunded to the subscriber without levying cancellation charges.

  5. You can cancel the Ad before the cut-off timings which varies on the basis of location and Ad type. The general cut off time are as below:

    1. For Classified Text Ad :- Before 4 PM of the previous day of the publication date.
      [Exception: - For Sunday publication in Bhopal, Before 4 PM of previous Friday]
    2. Matrimony Ad :- Before 4 Pm of Friday/Saturday of the previous day of the Publication date (i.e Sunday).
    3. Obituary Ad :- Before 7 PM of the previous day of the publication date.

    For More Clarification, please call us on our Toll Free No. 9772019222

  6. Ad booked under any scheme - In case of Ad booked under any scheme and publication of Ad has started, subscriber can cancel the Ad booked for the remaining days of publication as per the cut-off timings (as mentioned above) one day before the next publication date. Ad will get cancelled for the upcoming publication days and amount will be refunded accordingly. Refund amount will be calculated as per the concerned scheme and subscriber will be informed accordingly.

  7. The matter for advertisement provided by you goes through the review process for getting published. In the review process our team goes through the content/matter and provide appropriate feedback of acceptance or suggestions as and where required. If our team suggests for any edit in the ad, notification will be sent to the user and system will mark Ad order as pending for user approval, and same will be visible to the user through Track ID. Further, user can approve the suggestion for edit or cancel the Ad. Upon receiving the cancellation request, payment refund will follow as per the usual process.

  8. In case the booking is cancelled at the review level, then the Subscriber will receive an SMS/Email. In such a case, amount shall be refunded to the customer after deducting cancellation charges as per our policy.

  9. In case you want to change the category of your ad after payment, then the order needs to be cancelled and a new booking should be made.

  10. In order to cancel the booking whose payment is already done and approval is pending:

    • You can cancel the Ad on ‘Ad detail’ page
    • Upon receipt, we shall process the cancellation request
    • Our payment gateway will send the refund within its standard timelines