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Business Advertisement In Newspaper Classifieds

Advertising seen in traditional media, especially in newspapers, enjoys a high trust amongst consumers, with an impressive 86% credibility rate.

This trust is what makes newspaper ads a powerful tool for businesses across all domains - be it B2B, B2C, C2C, or C2B.

Newspaper ads are the traditional way to announce to the public. And for those 'Missing' person alerts, there's no better way to spread the word fast.

When you advertise in a newspaper like Dainik Bhaskar, with a readership of over 6.6+ crores, you're not just broadcasting your message; you're reaching out to a community that values trust and authenticity.

Whether you're looking to connect with other businesses or customers, newspaper ads are your go-to.

They make it easier to find the right match for your business needs, be it in sales, services, or partnerships. It's straightforward, trusted, and effective – just how business in India thrives.

Types of Business Classified Ads in Dainik Bhaskar

Choosing the right type of ad for your business is key to making an impact. Here's a quick guide to help you decide:
(Classified Text Ad)

Perfect for those on a budget, Mini Ads are simple yet effective. Your ad, up to 50 words, appears in the classified section as running text. It's straightforward, cost-effective, and gets your message across clearly.

(Display Classified Ad)

Want something that catches the eye? Our Classified Design Ads combine visual appeal with affordability. Include your logo and text, and get your ad showcased under the relevant category on the Classified page. The size of your ad can vary, and so do the rates.

Easy Steps to Book Your Business Ad Online for Newspapers

Booking an business advertisements on is a breeze, almost as simple as sharing a post on social media:

  • step 1
    Select the Business Category
    Depending on your requirements, choose from various subcategories tailored to your purpose.
  • step 2
    Choose the Editions
    Choose the edition that best fits your region for targeted reach.
  • step 3
    Pick the Ad Type
    Decide on the type of ad you want to place.
  • step 4
    Create Your Ad
    Select the templates and customize it by uploading photos, names, messages, and contact information.
  • step 5
    Select Publication Dates
    Select the publication date to ensure your ad appears in the newspaper on your desired day.
  • step 6
    Make Your Payment
    Complete your booking by making your payment via Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, or other online payment options.

Business Sample Ads

Announcement Sample Ad
Size: 3.25w X 5h CM
Announcement Sample Ad
Size: 3.25w X 10h CM
Announcement Sample Ad
Size: 3.25w X 9h CM
Announcement Sample Ad
Size: 3.25w X 5h CM

Explore Other Classified Categories

Looking for something specific? is your go-to. From Matrimonial to Property, Business Promotions, and Education, we cover every category you can think of. It's like having a whole marketplace of ads at your fingertips. Ready to make your mark? Let's book that perfect ad! Ready to book your preferred category ad?

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Frequently Asked Questions

For effective Business classified ads , keep your message clear and direct, use engaging visuals, and ensure a strong call to action. Highlight what sets your service apart.
Yes, ads must comply with legal and ethical standards. Avoid misleading information and adhere to the newspaper's format guidelines, whether advertising your business online or in print media.
Yes, you can include phone numbers and websites in your ads for easy customer inquiries, ensuring direct and effective communication.
Specific guidelines exist for sensitive industries like finance and healthcare. Ensure all claims are compliant with legal standards.
You can visit to see if any offers or discounts are live or to learn more; you can directly enquire from here!