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Let your institution's name echo in the educational sector of your region. Whether it's for coaching, colleges, schools, or other educational services, bring your vision to the pages of Dainik Bhaskar.

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Education Classified Ads in Newspaper

Educational advertisements provide a tangible, trusted format that resonates with a diverse audience, including parents, students, and educators.

When you choose to publish education classified ads in a newspaper like Dainik Bhaskar, you're tapping into a tradition of credibility and respectability.

As Urban India's #1 newspaper group with 5 newspapers across 61 editions and a readership of 6.63 crores, Dainik Bhaskar ensures your message is seen and considered by a significant, engaged audience

The power of print in the educational sector lies in its ability to convey seriousness and legitimacy. For institutions seeking to announce admissions, promote courses, or highlight educational services, a classified ad in a newspaper is an ideal choice.

This approach is not just about visibility; it's about establishing a connection with readers who value education and are actively seeking opportunities.

Types of Education Classified Ads in Dainik Bhaskar

Recognizing the varied advertising needs within the educational sector, BhaskarAd.com offers a selection of classified ad types designed for effectiveness and impact:

(Classified Text Ad)

An economical and straightforward option, the Mini Ad appears in the classified section as running text, limited to 50 words. Ideal for concise, text-based messages.

(Display Classified Ad)

This visually appealing option allows for the inclusion of your logo and text. Published on the Classified page under the relevant category, the rates for this ad type vary depending on the ad size.

Benefits Of Publishing Educational Advertisement with BhaskarAd.com

Whether admissions open advertisement or advertisement for coaching classes, Maximize your impact with Dainik Bhaskar's educational ads: the smart choice for educational outreach.

Targeted Impact

Dainik Bhaskar's extensive reach ensures your advertisement connects directly with your intended audience. Whether it's parents looking for reputable schools, students seeking top-notch coaching classes, or adults interested in vocational courses, your ad will hit the mark.

Region-Specific Booking

Tailor your ad's reach by selecting specific regions or editions. This focused approach not only enhances the relevance of your ad but also offers a cost-effective solution by avoiding areas where the ad may not be pertinent.

Customizable Ad Formats

From simple text ads for school admissions to more elaborate designs for college promotions, BhaskarAd.com has a range of ad formats to suit your specific necessities and capture the essence of your educational service.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With options for every budget, from small coaching centers to large universities, you can find an advertising solution that’s both effective and economical.

Ease of Booking

The user-friendly platform of BhaskarAd.com makes ad booking as simple as a few clicks. This hassle-free process saves you time, allowing you to focus more on your educational offerings.

Expert Assistance

Our team of advertising experts at BhaskarAd.com is always ready to help you craft the perfect ad, ensuring your educational message is conveyed effectively and attractively.

Easy Steps to Book Your Educational Advertisements
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Booking educational institute ads on BhaskarAd.com is straightforward and user-friendly. Follow these simple steps to ensure your ad effectively reaches your target audience:

  • step 1
    Select the Education Category
    select an appropriate subcategory. like advertisements for coaching classes, admission openings, and so on.
  • step 2
    Choose the Editions
    Select the edition relevant to the region in which you want your ad published.
  • step 3
    Pick the Ad Type
    Decide on the type of ad you want to place.
  • step 4
    Create Your Ad
    Select the templates and customize it by uploading photos, names, messages, and contact information.
  • step 5
    Select Publication Dates
    Select the publication date to ensure your ad appears in the newspaper on your desired day.
  • step 6
    Make Your Payment
    Complete your booking by making your payment via Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, or other online payment options.

Education Advertisement Sample Ads

Announcement Sample Ad
Size: 4w X 8h CM
Announcement Sample Ad
Size: 4w X 8h CM
Announcement Sample Ad
Size: 4w X 8h CM
Announcement Sample Ad
Size: 4w X 8h CM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Include key details like the services you offer, location, timings, and any special offers. This helps people easily understand what you're offering. The information will change accordingly; for example, advertisements for coaching institutes’ information will be different from advertisements for schools.
Definitely! On BhaskarAd.com, you have the freedom to design your ad. You can pick the layout, and font size, and even choose between Hindi or English to make your ad pop.
Yes, to get your ad in the next day's paper, make sure to book it by the end of the previous day. This gives us enough time to get everything ready.
After you pay and book your ad, you'll get a confirmation. If you need a draft before that, it's best to call us at 9772019222 or email support.bhaskarad@dbcorp.in.
We provide standard fonts that you can resize, and you can also change the background color in text ads.