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An estimated 70% of people in urban areas turn to newspaper obituary ads to learn about such news, making it a significant resource. Obituary ads in newspapers offer a unified platform to announce the loss, reaching friends, family, and acquaintances all at once without the need to communicate individually. Different communities and castes often have unique terminologies and rituals, to mention obituary practices, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of our society.

Dainik Bhaskar recognizes this diversity and provides various options to satisfy every ritual, including pre-made templates tailored to different traditions for obituary ads and Shok Sandesh in newspapers. With Bhaskarad's seamless and effective online service, you can convey your message during times of loss with dignity and grace.

Types of Shok Sandesh

At Bhaskarad, we offer two main types of obituary ads to help you convey your heartfelt condolences:

(Classified Text Ad)

This is a cost-effective and simple option for conveying Shok Sandesh in newspaper. Your ad will be posted on Obituary page in running text format, up to 50 words. It's a straightforward way to announce the loss of a loved one within the local or regional community.

Large Display Ad
(High Visibility Ad)

We understand the profound sadness that accompanies the loss of a loved one.
Our obituary death notice option allows you to book an ad for the deceased with an image and text so people are not confused by the names. Rates vary as per the size of the ad.

Why Book Obituary in Dainik Bhaskar?

While digitalization continues to experience immense growth, transforming various aspects of our lives, it has also inadvertently boosted the prominence of e-newspapers.

This digital shift has not diminished the value of traditional newspapers; rather, it has expanded their reach. Obituary advertisements in newspapers now have the unique advantage of covering both online and offline audiences.

Whether it's the tech-savvy generation that prefers e-newspapers or the traditional readers who still hold the printed pages, obituary ads in newspapers bridge the gap, reaching everyone.

This dual presence makes newspapers a great platform for such sensitive and essential communications, ensuring that the information is accessible to all who wish to pay their respects.

Family and Friends: These ads help reach extended family members and friends of the deceased, allowing them to pay their respects.

Helps to Bring People Together: Obituary ads assist in bringing friends and acquaintances closer to the family of the deceased.

Paying Respect and Homage: They serve to pay homage to the deceased and honor their achievements.

Reach of Newspapers: In India, newspapers are read by a large number of people across cities and villages, reaching people from all walks of life.

Easy Steps to Book Your Obituary Ad
Online for Newspapers

It is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to place your Shok Sandesh or obituary ad:

  • step 1
    Select the Shok Sandesh Category
    Start by selecting the Shok Sandesh category and your preferred subcategory.
  • step 2
    Choose the Editions
    Decide on the editions in which you want your ad to be published.
  • step 3
    Pick the Ad Type
    Choose a Mini Text Ad or an Obituary Display Ad based on your needs.
  • step 4
    Create Your Ad
    Edit the template and fill in specific details to create your ad.
  • step 5
    Select Publication Dates
    Choose your ad's publication dates.
  • step 6
    Make Your Payment
    Complete your booking by making your payment via Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, or other online payment options.

Obituary Samples

Appointment Sample Ad
Size: 8h X 10h CM
Appointment Sample Ad
Size: 8h X 8h CM
Appointment Sample Ad
Size: 8h X 8h CM
Appointment Sample Ad
Size: 8h X 10h CM

Explore Other Classified Categories

Beyond obituary ads, offers a diverse range of classified ad categories. These encompass Matrimonial, Job Vacancies, Business, Services, and more. Each category, like our obituary ads, is straightforward to book online, ensuring a hassle-free advertising journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! At, we help with obituary advertisements in newspaper designing and composing. Our platform offers a user-friendly ad creation tool, and you can also choose from our sample obituary ad templates to craft the perfect message.
When booking an obituary advertisement, it's essential to submit the identity proof of the person booking the Shok Sandesh. This ensures the authenticity of the obituary ads in newspapers being published.
Please get in touch with the helpdesk team on 9772019222 to know the booking deadline of the edition you want to place an obituary for. Simply book your ad and select the desired publication date. Ensure you provide all necessary details and documents for a smooth booking process.
While a photograph is not mandatory for an obituary advertisement, it adds a personal touch. Including a photo can help readers identify and connect with the deceased, especially in larger communities. Photos help to prevent confusion that might arise from names alone.
Yes, content for obituary ads in newspapers should be respectful and adhere to community standards. Any content deemed inappropriate, or offensive will not be accepted. Additionally, while we cater to multiple languages, it's essential to ensure clarity for the readers.